Professzionális programok

Simulator Assessment Preparation for Two


4 óra


235.990 Ft

Simflite offers comprehensive and practical simulator training for Pilots applicants pilots before airline assessment.

We introduce the general structure of a proficiency check during training, handling an aircraft in standard and non/standard conditions. We also demonstrate handling of the non-standard situation and adverse weather conditions.
The price is for a 2-person crew.
The program consists of 60 minutes of briefing, a 1.5-hour simulator on each person 30 minutes of debriefing.
For a single pilot, please call for the price.
During the training we will show:
- Briefing practices
- Normal departures
- Engine out (dep, app, land, go/around)
- Checklist handling
- LVO takeoff
- 2D,3D Approach
After the training, the applicant will be briefed for
Briefing technic
Aircraft handling (optional for non/rated)
Procedure knowledge
Problem-solving, decision-making processes

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